Wichita Bankruptcy And Elder Law Attorneys

People make their first call to Gragert & Hiebertin a state of worry:

  • They are anxious about the walls of unpayable debt closing in on them.
  • They are uncertain about the future, as they get older, and they wonder what to do with their life assets.

Lawyer David Hiebert knows these feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, and he acknowledges their difficulty. To be buried in debt is a nightmare, and bankruptcy is not a concept many people embrace. Likewise, people are right to stay up late worrying about losing their life savings when they need assistance — and the challenge of disbursing assets so they go to the right people, and under the right conditions.

David Hiebert: Honest, Aggressive, Effective

These problems cry out for an advocate who knows bankruptcy and estate law; a lawyer who is scrupulously honest and devoted to client needs; a counselor who knows what you're going through and works to swap these worries for peace of mind.

Some firms advertise for clients, then refer the ones they don't want or can't help to another firm for a referral fee. Or the head attorney hands all the work over to a subordinate. We don't do that at Hiebert. When you contact our Gragert & Hiebert, you will meet with David Hiebert personally, along with members of his team. We want to hear you describe your problem in detail, in order to construct the best possible legal solution.

Laying The Foundation For A More Secure Future

It's OK to worry, but it's better to meet the problem head-on and solve it. It costs you nothing to give us a call. We do not charge for initial consultations for debt relief and elder law issues.

If you are serious about addressing debt, estate planning and probate issues, contact Wichita bankruptcy and elder law attorney David Hiebert at Gragert & Hiebertin Wichita to discuss your options. Our number is 316-712-4680; or, use this online form to describe your legal predicament.

We at Gragert & Hiebertare a debt relief agency located in Wichita, Kansas. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.