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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy isn't for everyone. It certainly shouldn't be your first option in dealing with debt problems. (One major option is simply negotiating with individual creditors, and we can help you do that.) But for people who have tried to climb out of debt and simply can't make it, filing for Chapter 7 can bring tremendous relief.

Chapter 7 is sometimes called the bankruptcy for every man. It is available to anyone who is loaded down with debt and has no ability to pay off those bills. For millions of Americans, Chapter 7 functions like a reset button. It gives people a fresh start, allowing them to start their financial lives over.

Will You Qualify For Chapter 7?

One misconception is that Chapter 7 is limited to the few who meet difficult qualifications. In our practice it is actually rare for an applicant for Chapter 7 to be turned away. There is a means test you must take, and if you earn too much, or have too many assets, you may be ineligible. But most people seeking Chapter 7 relief know they are broke. People with steady incomes have the option of seeking Chapter 13 relief.

Another fear is that, since Chapter 7 is a liquidation, people will lose everything they have: home, cars, savings. But under state and federal law there are many exemptions that allow you to keep the things that are most vital to you. Many clients lose nothing at all.

We will work with you to make sure that you qualify, and that your application is filled out to avoid error and delay. Once we file, the automatic stay goes into effect, and the harassment you have been experiencing suddenly stops. No calls, no dunning letters, no garnishments or repossession.

Wipe Clean Your Credit Card Debt And Medical Debt

There are downsides to Chapter 7. You will have to rebuild your credit rating from scratch. You will not be eligible for another bankruptcy filing for a period of years.

But for most people, the relief from crushing debt, and the chance for a new beginning, far outweighs the negatives.

Cost is always a consideration in declaring bankruptcy. At Gragert & Hiebert, we are aware of these concerns. Our Wichita Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers will work with you to create a plan that will be of greatest benefit at a price you can afford. We invite you to contact us at 316-712-4680 today.

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