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Some people are certain that bankruptcy is the result of poor financial management, or living beyond their means. But the truth is less judgmental. People are overwhelmed by debt when something bad happens in their lives. They lose their job. They (or a family member) get sick. A marriage comes to an end and people lose half their income, or are burdened by their ex's debts.

When income vanishes, people feel forced to live off credit cards, hoping things get better. In a shaky economy, things don't get better, and the individual is soon tottering under the weight of credit card debt — which becomes worse when you miss a payment and your interest rates are jacked up.

The "Stigma" Of Declaring Bankruptcy

It is not a personal failing to be weighted down by unpayable debt. Declaring bankruptcy is a positive step to address these serious problems.

The good news is that the worst debts people incur are dischargeable under both Chapter 7 and 13. U.S. Bankruptcy law permits the discharge — the erasure — of uncollateralized debt. These debts include:

Our support area in vehicle accident

  • Credit card balances owed
  • Payday loans/cash advances
  • Medical bills
  • Guarantor loans
  • Other unsecured loans

At Gragert & Hiebert in Wichita, bankruptcy lawyer David Hiebert works with clients to undo the damage caused by egregious debt. The day we file for chapter 7 or Chapter 11, you are protected by the automatic stay. The automatic stay is like an invisible shield that goes up, prohibiting collection efforts against you. This means no phone calls, harassment, repossession or garnishment.

The automatic stay is just the first stage of your financial restoration. Your unsecured debts will be wiped clean by the court, and you will be able to start your financial life all over, building your credit back up from ground zero.

A New Financial Life For You

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are not for everyone. But there is a good chance they can solve your debt problems, and get you started on that new life.

To learn more call Wichita credit card and medical debt attorney David Hiebert at Gragert & Hiebertat 316-712-4680 — or drop us an email using this online form. Set up a no-obligation meeting with Dave to plot your future.

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