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Foreclosure is a disturbing thought to people who have worked all their lives, and now face the loss of the family home.

Many people think that getting a foreclosure notice in the mail is the end, that there is nothing that can be done from that point. This is not true. You can stave off foreclosure at any time, up until the sheriff's sale. Beyond that, it's very difficult. But up until then, you have numerous options, including filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Triggers Mortgage Modifications

Chapter 13 effectively compels your mortgage bank to work with you to create a mortgage payment schedule that you can pay. The day you file for Chapter 13, your mortgage holder, along with all your other creditors, will be informed that an automatic stay applies immediately to all your debts. Chapter 13 stops foreclosure in its tracks.

Declaring Chapter 13 must not be undertaken lightly. It will have a negative impact on your credit for some time, until you re-establish a dependable paying history. And it limits your ability to declare Chapter 13 again in the near future.

But for many families struggling to hold on to their home in an economy that is still rocky, Chapter 13 is a remarkable opportunity to clear the decks and make a fresh financial start.

Foreclosure Relief For Kansas Homeowners

At Gragert & Hiebert, lawyer David Hiebert works with you to examine the options before you. Some foreclosures are done improperly and can be contested on those grounds. Other times it is possible to renegotiate payment of your mortgage without going into bankruptcy, or to sell your home at a lower price than your mortgage, and to settle with your lender that way.

In addition to bankruptcy, Wichita foreclosure defense lawyer David Hiebert is an accomplished real property attorney. These two powerful areas of knowledge come together in foreclosure defense.

Foreclosure is not inevitable. We invite you to call debt relief lawyer David L. Hiebert at 316-712-4680 to discuss your situation, and what can be done about it. Or contact us using this online form.

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