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Long-Term Care Planning


Assisted living and nursing home care doesn't come cheap. In Kansas, the median annual rate for a private nursing home room in 2011 was $56,297, higher than the national average. Some homes ask as much as $150,000 annually.

Nursing Home Planning | Assisted Living Planning

Most residents pay out of pocket for nursing home care until their assets are exhausted, and they qualify for Medicaid to pay the rest of the way.

It should not be necessary to impoverish yourself, and family members, to live comfortably in your final years. Long-term care planning, begun early, can help shield your life savings. At Gragert & Hiebert, we work with clients to obtain long-term care insurance while you are healthy enough to qualify. We also work to ensure that you receive the Medicare and Medicaid benefits to which you are entitled.

About Medicare And Medicaid

Medicare is a federal health insurance program you enroll in at age 65. Everyone is entitled to Medicare, regardless of income or assets. Part of Medicare, Part A, covers in-hospital care, extended care after a hospital stay, some home health care services and hospice services.

Medicare does not cover most nursing home care. Medicaid, another federal program, does address this need. David Hiebert can walk with you through the different Medicaid insurance packages available in Kansas and help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

Obtaining government benefits and preserving your life's assets are just one area of elder law at Gragert & Hiebert. We invite you to meet with our attorney at no obligation or cost to you, to go over the many options and solutions available to you.

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