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Probate Administration


Probate and estate administration is really a set of tasks that must be completed as part of the probate process. Because it is a legal process, probate is best administered by an experienced probate lawyer. Tasks the administrator must attend to include:

  • Collecting, inventorying and appraising all assets
  • Paying and collecting all debts owed by the estate
  • Filing and paying estate and other taxes
  • Distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries

If there is a will, the probate court will rule on its validity and oversee the administration of the estate by the executor, appointed in the will to oversee the estate.

If there is no will or if the will is determined to be invalid, the court will appoint an administrator and the decedent's property will be distributed according to the state's laws of inheritance.

Probate administration is a process that requires a steady hand at the till, and the ability to deal fairly with all parties despite the high emotions that often accompany probate.

Resolving Disputes During The Probate Process

Disputes often arise during the probate process. In addition to serving as probate administrator, David Hiebert is also available to represent parties in probate litigation. Disputes arise over such issues as:

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  • Will contests and codicil validity questions
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Charges of undue influence, incapacity, duress and fraud
  • Disputes regarding the construction of wills, codicils and trusts

This website focuses on our firm's bankruptcy and estate and probate practices.

Attorney David Hiebert is also respected for his work in the areas of real estate law, municipal law, administrative law, zoning, development and professional license defense. We represent clients in mediation in a variety of legal matters.

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